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Crude Oil-Like Waste Pollutes Bandar Lampung Beach, Fishermen Have Difficulty Finding Fish

Senin, 13 November 2023 - 09.00 WIB

One of the fishermen was showing waste resembling oil that littered Umbul Asam Beach, Keteguhan Village, East Telukbetung District, Bandar Lampung. Photo: Kupastuntas.co

Kupastuntas.co, Bandar Lampung - Reddish yellow waste similar to crude palm oil (CPO) is polluting Umbul Asam Beach, Keteguhan Village, East Telukbetung District, Bandar Lampung.

Based on Kupastuntas.co's monitoring at the location, it was clear that reddish yellow waste liquid was being carried by the waves on Umbul Asam beach, on Friday (10/11/2023). It is not yet known where the waste comes from.

Darmin, a local resident, said that this crude oil-like waste had been there for the last two days. The presence of waste is very disturbing because it is located on the beach.

"I don't know what the oil waste is, but there is a smell. There's a lot of oil waste, almost all of this beach is covered in it," said Darmin when met at the location, Friday (10/11/2023).

He revealed that the presence of waste makes it increasingly difficult for fishermen to find fish and shellfish in the sea. "A lot of fish died, there was a smell too. It was difficult for us to find fish in the sea and shellfish on the beach because of the smell," he said.

Darmin took samples of sea water affected by waste and then put them in bottles of packaged mineral water as evidence. The waste water sample was clearly reddish yellow in color and smelled of oil.

Another resident, Asep, also complained about the presence of waste similar to crude oil because it caused a strong smell and made it difficult for fishermen to find fish.

"The smell is very strong and makes it difficult for fishermen to find fish. Finding shellfish on the coast is also now difficult after this waste," he said.

Asep admitted that he did not know where the waste came from. "We don't know where the waste comes from yet. "I found out that when I was going fishing yesterday, the beach had changed color and smelled," he said.

This crude oil-like waste was also found at the Puri Gading Shipyard, Bandar Lampung. Head of Public Relations of the Lampung Regional Police, Police Commissioner Umi Fadilah Astutik, confirmed that there was the discovery of waste similar to crude oil or CPO.

"Yes, last Thursday (9/11/2023), at around 10.50 WIB, officers saw a waste spill," said Umi, Friday (10/11/2023). Umi said she didn't know the origin of the waste.

"We don't know the origin yet, it is still under investigation and samples have been taken. We are both waiting," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the Lampung Province Environmental Service (DLH), Emilia Kusumawati, said that her party had sent a team to review and check oil pollution on the coast of Umbul Asem Beach. "Yes, the team has gone out, I'll ask the team about the results later, Monday," said Emilia, Sunday (12/11/2023).

Previously it was reported that in August 2023, black waste resembling asphalt or crude oil was also found along the shores of Kedu Warna Beach, Way Urang Village, Kalianda District, South Lampung (Lamsel), Pesisir Barat and Tanggamus. The jet black waste emits a pungent odor like kerosene.

The Lampung Province Environmental Service (DLH) collected more than 400 sacks of black waste such as crude oil and asphalt from the three districts.

311 sacks of black waste were collected from Tanggamus, 100 sacks from Pesisir Barat, and the rest in South Lampung. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) has also investigated several parties with strong indications of dumping black waste in the waters of Lampung Province. However, we have not been able to announce the results of laboratory tests on the black waste that polluted the Lampung sea coast some time ago.

The Directorate General of Environmental and Forestry Law Enforcement, KLHK, Ratio Ridho Sani, said that until now his party is still continuing to investigate parties who are suspected of dumping black waste in Lampung waters.

"Regarding the oil spill in Lampung, we have investigated it and we are currently investigating who the perpetrator is. We will tell you later because this is not easy. But to this day we don't know who the perpetrator is," said Ratio, Tuesday (17/10/2023).

He said that KLHK officers had also carried out inspections of several parties who had strong indications of dumping black waste, causing the coast of Lampung to become polluted.

"We have investigated several indicated parties. We are doing finger prints because we are investigating where the source comes from. Because many sources have the potential to spill oil," he explained.

Ratio said that he would take firm action against parties who deliberately throw waste into the sea, causing it to be polluted and making fishermen suffer losses.

"In Lampung, we are still investigating where the oil comes from. But we will clearly take firm action. Because we have the forensic fingerprints and are investigating them one by one," he added. (*)

This news was published in the Monday 13 November 2023 edition of Kupas Tuntas daily newspaper with the title "Crude Oil-Like Waste Pollutes Bandar Lampung Beach"