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30,631 Recipient Families in West Lampung Receive Phase Two of Rice Social Assistance

Selasa, 24 Oktober 2023 - 11.14 WIB

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Kupastuntas.co, Lampung English - The West Lampung Regency Government through the Social Service has again distributed Government Food Reserve (CPP) assistance of 306 tons of rice to 30,631 Beneficiary Families (KPM) in Bumi Beguai Jejama Sai Betik.

Head of the West Lampung Social Service, through the Head of Social Empowerment and Handling of the Poor, Raden Muhammad Arsyad, said that the distribution was carried out by the Logistics Affairs Agency (Bulog) since Thursday 20 October 2023.

"Last Thursday, distribution from Bulog started, the distribution must match the current month, meaning that the CPP distribution for October must be completed within the next week," said Arsyad to journalists, Monday 23 October 2023.

Arsyad said that efforts would be made to distribute the November CPP social assistance earlier or at the beginning of the month. This is an effort to help the community, especially beneficiary families, to face the spike in rice selling prices on the market.

"Because this social assistance is intended to help people deal with the spike in the selling price of rice, for November the distribution will be carried out at the beginning of the month," he continued.

He explained that CPP rice assistance was distributed to 30,631 people throughout West Lampung Regency. In detail, Air Hitam District has 1,006 people, Balik Bukit 3,650, Bandar Negeri Suoh (BNS) 3,173, Batu Brak 2,031.

Batu Ketulis 1,956, Belalau 1,817, Sugarcane Plantation 2,303, Lumbok Seminung 1009, Gedung Surian 1,648, Pagar Dewa 1,201, Sekincau 2,061, Sukau 2,923, Sumber Jaya 2,411, Suoh 1,778 and Way Tenong 1,664.

"This program is an effort to address insecurity and rising food prices, in this case rice, which is starting to experience price increases as a result of El Nino climate change," he explained.

He explained that the target recipients of CPP rice were KPM, the Family Hope Program (PKH) and Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT).

Previously it was known that the West Lampung district government had begun distributing stage 2 Government Food Reserve (CPP) rice assistance in 2023. The distribution was centered at the Pekon Watas Logistics Agency (Bulog) Office, Balik Bukit District, Wednesday 27 September 2023.

The provision of stage 2 rice assistance is intended for beneficiary families totaling 30,631 people spread across 15 sub-districts in West Lampung Regency. In detail, Air Hitam District 1006 people, Balik Bukit 3650 people, Bandar Negeri Suoh (BNS) 3173 people.

Then, Batu Ketulis 1956 people, Belalau 1817 people, Sugarcane Plantation 2303 people, Lumbok Seminung 1009 people, Gedung Surian 1648 people, Pagar Dewa 1201 people, Sekincau 2061 people, Sukau 2923 people, Sumber Jaya 2411 people, Suoh 1778 and Way Tenong 1664 .

Acting Regent of West Lampung Nukman said that the assistance was given in the amount of 10 Kg per Beneficiary Family for the next three months. Food affordability is the community's ability to access food, both in terms of economic access and physical access.

According to him, food affordability from an economic perspective is influenced by the level of income or purchasing power and the stability of food prices. Underprivileged households have low incomes so their purchasing power for food and non-food is also low.

"The distribution of rice from the Government's Food Reserves is an effort to increase access to food for the community by providing food aid sourced from the Government's Food Reserves as a form of government concern for the community," he said

As an effort to address insecurity and rising food prices, especially rice, which is starting to experience price increases, it is hoped that this assistance can help improve the welfare of people, especially those with low incomes.

"It is hoped that the distribution of Government Food Reserve rice can reduce the burden on public expenditure, because the target recipients of this assistance are KPM Family Hope Program (PKH) and Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT)," he explained

On this occasion, Nukman expressed his thanks and highest appreciation to the relevant parties who have synergized with the West Lampung Regency Government.

"The highest appreciation goes to Bulog, transporters, sub-district heads, village heads, Peratin and all Regional Apparatus Organizations who have worked hard and for the smooth running of this social assistance program," he concluded. (*)