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Minister of Home Affairs asks Provincial Government to Control Prices of Three Basic Commodities

Selasa, 10 Oktober 2023 - 08.45 WIB

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Kupastutas.co, Lampung English - Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri), Tito Karnavian asked the Lampung Provincial Government to control the prices of three basic commodities, namely rice, garlic and chilies to reduce inflation.

This was conveyed by the Minister of Home Affairs when chairing a virtual meeting with all provinces to discuss controlling regional inflation.

"This is a routine meeting, we are checking inflation figures and thank God, if you look at Lampung's inflation figures, it is still low. We are in a controlled position," said Regional Secretary of Lampung Province, Fahrizal Darminto, after attending a virtual meeting with the Minister of Home Affairs, Monday 9 October 2023 .

Fahrizal said that the Minister of Home Affairs asked all regions to continue to monitor three commodity prices, namely rice, garlic and chilies.

"The minister hopes that all regions will continue to monitor the prices of rice, garlic and chilies. According to BPS records, nationally these three commodities are currently quite high," he explained.

Fahrizal explained that the inflation control program that had been prepared by the Lampung Provincial Government was still running. Such as deconcentration funds provided by the National Food Agency (Bapanas).

"All programs to control inflation continue to run, such as the deconcentration funds provided by Bapanas which are already progressing. Apart from that, the Trade Service will also carry out market operations," he said.

He revealed that Lampung Governor Arinal Djunaidi had also approved the use of Unexpected Expenditure (BTT) funds for market operations.

"God willing, we have received approval from the governor to use Unexpected Expenditures to support market operations to stabilize rice prices," he said.

Fahrizal said that for the budget amount, his party would conduct discussions first, including the commodities that would be sold in market operations.

"There will be calculations for the budget later. However, according to the direction of the Minister of Home Affairs, we will use Unexpected Expenditures to control the price of rice. And the Governor has agreed. We will have a meeting soon," he explained.

Based on commodity price monitoring carried out by the Lampung Province Department of Industry and Trade, the average price of RD brand medium rice reached IDR 13,350.

Rojolele brand rice Rp. 12,800, SPR brand rice Rp. 10,500 per kilogram and Bulog rice Rp. 10,900.

Then, red chilies were sold for IDR 36,286, curly red chilies for IDR 36,249, green cayenne peppers for IDR 41,857 and red cayenne peppers for IDR 41,571.

Then, the honan type of garlic is sold for Rp. 32,857 and the kating type for Rp. 38,714.

Previously it was reported that the Lampung Provincial Government prepared a budget through Unexpected Expenditures amounting to IDR 26.5 billion to reduce inflation arising from the El Nino phenomenon.

Assistant II for the Economy and Development of the Lampung Provincial Government, Kusnardi, said that the Provincial Government will routinely hold market operations to reduce price fluctuations in basic necessities, especially rice.

"The APBD for market operations has been budgeted, and there is also a budget from the APBN through deconcentration. If normal funds run out, we can use funds from unexpected spending worth IDR 26.5 billion," said Kusnardi, Tuesday 3 October 2023.

Kusnardi said that last September the main commodities contributing to inflation included rice, filter clove cigarettes, intra-city transportation, garlic and white cigarettes.

"The highest inflation is contributed by rice, and this does not only happen in Lampung but also throughout Indonesia. Nationally, harvests are now starting to decline and dry conditions are causing productivity to fall," he explained.

Kusnardi explained that several efforts were made to continue to suppress inflation, especially in the rice commodity, namely collaborating with Bulog in distributing food aid and SPHP (Food Price Supply Stabilization) rice.

Kusnardi explained that the food task force would continue to carry out monitoring in the field to avoid irresponsible parties hoarding rice.

"The food task force team continues to move. If there are criminal elements such as rice hoarding, we will take action. Don't let things like this be taken advantage of by irresponsible people," he stressed.

Kusnardi said that national rice stocks were still in safe condition, and the public was asked not to panic excessively.

  "Our own rice stock is still sufficient. Nationally, our rice stock at Bulog is still green. This means it is still safe," he said.

Apart from that, the Lampung Provincial Government also received deconcentration funds amounting to IDR 340 million from the National Food Agency (Bapanas). These funds will be used to support the Cheap Food Movement.

Head of the Lampung Province Food Crops and Horticulture Food Security Service, Bani Ispriyanto, said that the deconcentration funds were used for the Cheap Food Movement and Food Price Supply Stabilization (SPHP).

"Deconcentration funds from Bapanas are used for the Cheap Food Movement and SPHP rice. Part of this program has been running since last September," said Bani, Tuesday 3 October 2023.

He said that the Cheap Food Movement was held 12 times with a total budget of IDR 20 million at each point. So the total budget given is IDR 240 million.

The Cheap Food Movement sells strategic staple foods such as rice, cooking oil, chicken, beef, red chilies, cayenne peppers, shallots, garlic and eggs.

"Meanwhile, SPHP rice distribution is held at five points with a budget for each point of IDR 20 million. "So the total for SPHP is IDR 100 million," he said.

Bani said that the SPHP rice program was only implemented in two regions, namely Bandar Lampung City and Metro as a barometer for measuring inflation in Lampung Province. (*)