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The Value of Central Government Assets in Lampung Reaches IDR 78.59 Trillion

Rabu, 13 September 2023 - 08.43 WIB

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Kupastuntas.co, Lampung English - The central government's balance sheet as of June 30 2023 at the Lampung Province regional level recorded total assets of IDR 78.59 trillion with total liabilities of IDR 733.18 billion, so the government's net worth as reflected by equity was IDR 77.85 trillion.

In the Lampung Province regional fiscal study for the second quarter of 2023 which was accessed Tuesday 12 September 2023, the Head of the Regional Office of the Directorate General of Treasury (DJPb) for Lampung Province, Mohammad Dody Fachrudin, said that the asset value for the second quarter of 2023 decreased by 0.33 percent (yoy) compared to the same period in 2022 with a value of IDR 78.85 trillion.

The decrease was mainly influenced by the value of fixed assets, which was the largest component, which fell 0.24 percent (yoy) because the amount of assets depreciated was greater than the addition of fixed assets.

Dody explained that fixed assets are the item with the most significant value and are the component that dominates 97 percent of all total assets presented on the balance sheet.

In the first semester of 2023, total fixed assets managed by the central government in Lampung reached IDR 75.68 trillion. Even though in nominal terms it has decreased compared to the value recorded at the beginning of 2022, throughout Semester I 2023 there was an increase in fixed assets sourced from capital expenditure with a total of IDR 333.13 billion.

He revealed that throughout semester II-2023 there was a disposal of fixed assets so that the general ledger balance sheet recorded a loss on disposal of fixed assets of IDR 3.79 billion.

"Most of the actual capital expenditure was used for the construction of assets in the form of roads, irrigation and networks with a contribution of 61 percent.

"The focus of capital expenditure in 2023 will be on developing BLU assets to support services, especially in the education sector, so there will be a significant increase compared to the previous year," explained Dody.

Dody continued, to measure how big the increase in fixed assets is compared to the realization of capital expenditure, the ratio of the realization of capital expenditure to the increase in fixed assets can be used.

"The ratio as of June 2023 shows a positive value, which means the value of additional assets is greater than the value of assets released, this is different in June 2022 where the ratio shows a negative value," he said.

Meanwhile, according to Dody, of all the total assets managed by the central government, not all assets are used for the purposes of carrying out government operations. These idle assets are included in the group of idle assets which can be utilized as state property to generate state revenue in the form of non-tax state revenue.

"As of the first semester of 2023, the performance of non-tax state revenues originating from state assets has recorded a realization of IDR 10.64 billion or 44.18 percent of the 2023 annual target," he explained.

"This achievement grew 27.30 percent compared to the achievement in the same period in 2022 which was only IDR 8.36 billion. In nominal terms, the trend in the realization of non-state wealth tax revenue is increasing every month," he continued. (*)