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President Jokowi Officially Launches the New Logo of the State Capital

Selasa, 30 Mei 2023 - 19.14 WIB

The new logo for the Capital City of the Archipelago. Photo: Illustration.

Kupastuntas.co, Lampung English - President Joko Widodo officially launched a new logo for the Capital City of the Archipelago. The logo that was chosen as the logo for the Capital City of the Archipelago was designed by a young man named Aulia Akbar who made a logo design inspired by the tree of life as a symbol of the source of life.

Apart from being inspired by the tree of life, there are a number of other meanings stored in the logo created by one of the nation's best sons.

On the logo there is a symbol of 5 roots which symbolize Pancasila, 7 stems representing the big island, 17 blooming flowers which are symbols of eternal independence.

President Joko Widodo said that the launching of the new Nusantara Capital logo would later become a visual identity for the Nusantara Capital.

The selection of the logo for the Capital City of the Archipelago has gone through a very selective competition process until one of the logos with the most voters was chosen.

"So those who vote are not the president, be careful, those who vote are the people and the number of voters is 500,000, the number is not small and the logo that was chosen has the theme of a tree of life designed by Mas Aulia Akbar," said Jokowi, when delivering his instructions quoted from live streaming the presidential secretariat youtube page, Tuesday 30 May 2023.

Jokowi added, the tree of life is a tree of life and we all hope that this tree of life can inspire the Capital City of the Archipelago. Creating a new life that becomes a new source of life for all Indonesian people. The new logo also has a philosophy that is in line with the spirit of developing the Capital City of the Archipelago.

"Growing a sense of pride in national identity as a large, diverse country and raising awareness to protect nature and the environment and their ecosystems, it also strengthens our efforts to contribute to accelerating the development of the Archipelago's Capital, Indonesia's future capital," he said.

Meanwhile, the head of the Archipelago Capital City Authority, Bambang Susantono added, the process of selecting the Archipelago Capital City logo began in September 2022 when an open announcement was made by the Indonesian Graphic Design Association as a partner of the Archipelago Capital Authority in selecting the logo.

"More than 500 designers who took part in the open call process from all designers listed on the Indonesian Graphic Design Association's curatorial board have curated 10 designers to take part in the process of designing the logo for the Capital City of the Archipelago. The design is based on a curatorial corridor that has been prepared by the curator," said Bambang.

The Curatorial Corridor prepared by the curators of the Indonesian Graphic Design Association is the spirit of diversity but in one unit, both the spirit of togetherness and a sense of belonging as well as the maritime or maritime spirit. Of the 10 selected logos, President Jokowi chose the 5 best logos and gave directions for open voting.

"Online voting was carried out from April 4 to May 20 2023, we closed on National Awakening Day, and during the process, roadshows were also held to various communities and media as well as exposure and public discussion for the designers of the five logos on digital channels," he concluded. (*)

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