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Development Promises Not Realized, Residents Collaboratively Heap Damaged Roads in West Metro Lampung

Minggu, 28 Mei 2023 - 19.12 WIB

Dozens of residents of RT 37 RW 13, Ganjar Agung Village, Metro Barat District while filling up the potholes on the Trunojoyo road. Photo: Arby/Kupastuntas.co

Kupastuntas.co, Metro - Disappointed that the city government's development promises have not been realized, dozens of residents along Jalan Trunojoyo, RT 37 RW 13, Ganjar Agung Village, West Metro District have worked together to fill up the potholes.

From the monitoring at the location, tens of local people were struggling to fill up every pothole on Trunojoyo road. The road is an environmental road that has a length of about 450 meters crossing community settlements.

The road is also an alternative access from Mulyojati Village to the Gajah Mada educational area. According to residents, the road has not been touched by development for 15 years, even though it has been repeatedly proposed.

Head of RT 37 RW 13, Ganjar Agung Subdistrict, Metro Barat District, Nur Rohman (38) revealed that the mutual cooperation that was carried out departed from community concern for the deplorable road conditions.

"This mutual cooperation departs from community concern, especially Trunojoyo road, it has not been repaired for so many years," said Nur Rohman during the mutual cooperation. Sunday, May 28, 2023.

"So this is the initiative of the residents so that the road is comfortable to traverse. As for material, there are donations from the residents of 2 ri-dum trucks," he added.

The man who is familiarly called Rohman admitted that he had repeatedly submitted proposals for the construction of the road in the Development Planning Deliberations (Musrenbang).

"In terms of the proposal, every Musrenbang has definitely been proposed. That's from ancient times, basically, it's been more or less 15 years, there has been no improvement at all," he said.

Unfortunately, the local environmental community admits that they only receive false promises of development that are often expressed by the government.

"The response from the government through the kelurahan is just saying that there will be an allotment later, but in fact until now there is none. Because it was only promised, the community's initiative so that this road is comfortable to walk on, this road is being stockpiled," he said.

He hopes that the Metro City Government can make repairs to roads whose conditions are badly damaged without waiting for them to go viral and become the public spotlight.

"What is clear is that we hope that the government will pay attention to the community, construction will be carried out quickly, so that the road is badly damaged and continues to go viral, then there will be follow-up from the government," he concluded.

Hardi Saputra (48) expressed a similar hope. The community leader on Jalan Trunojoyo emphasized that the City Government of Metro today is not showing its side towards infrastructure development.

"Throughout Trunojoyo road, the government has never paid attention to its construction. The road has potholes, and in the end, at the initiative of the residents, we all worked together to repair this road," he explained.

"The holes are quite deep and are almost evenly distributed throughout the Trunojoyo road. Those who participate in this mutual cooperation are almost half of the residents. If there is no accident, but daily activities are disrupted because the road is damaged. In other words, if you go to school or work it's faster, this is because the road is damaged, so it takes a long time or slowly," he continued.

He also said that the local municipal government had never conducted a review of public complaints regarding the damage to the Trunojoyo road.

"Our hope as residents is that at least in the future the government will pay more attention to and improve road access in our area. So far there has never been a review from the government or its apparatus. The hope is that the government will look at this road as soon as possible," he said. (*)

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