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PT Noahtu Shipyard in Lampung Allegedly Violating the Utilization of Reclamation Land

Kamis, 25 Mei 2023 - 07.55 WIB

Commission III of the Bandar Lampung Regional People's Representative Council during an inspection at PT Noahtu Shipyard, on Jalan Alamsyah Ratu Prawiranegara KM 12, Srengsem Village, Panjang District, Bandar Lampung, Wednesday (24/5/2023). Photo: Special.

Kupastuntas.co, Lampung English - Commission III of the Bandar Lampung Regional House of Representatives conducted an unannounced inspection at PT Noahtu Shipyard, a company engaged in the shipbuilding and repair business on Jalan Alamsyah Ratu Prawiranegara KM 12, Srengsem Village, Panjang District, Bandar Lampung.

The Bandar Lampung Regional House of Representatives came with the Housing and Settlements Service and the Environment Service, Wednesday 25 May 2023.

During the inspection, it was revealed that the company was suspected of having committed a violation of the utilization of the reclamation land. The 400 square meters of reclaimed land which was supposed to be used for a boat berth, was used to build a two-storey building which was planned to be a conference hall.

After the inspection, Chairman of Commission III of the Bandar Lampung Regional House of Representatives, Dedi Yuginta, said that the company had been summoned by the Regional House of Representatives last January regarding B3 waste and a building permit.

"However, during the sudden inspection we found an alleged violation, one of which was a building that was standing on the reclamation land. Based on the Maritime Law, a distance of 100 meters from the coastline to the sea cannot be built," said Dedi.

He revealed, the construction of the building also did not have a building permit. Dedi also asked the Department of Housing and Residential Areas to be firm, namely to tear down the building if there is no permit.

"It was also found that several buildings did not have an environmental impact analysis of B3 waste from the Environmental Service. This is very dangerous, where are the former ship wastes going? The Environmental Service also witnessed it," said Dedi.

Another Commission III member, Ilham Alawi added, in making business licenses, companies are required to attach a title base or temporary certificate. However, if the land is reclamation of the coast then no buildings may be erected.

"If indeed there is a violation of the use of the reclamation land, then the law enforcement officers can step in to take action against this," he said.

The Head of Licensing for Department of Housing and Residential Areas Bandar Lampung, Dekrison, said based on checking at the company's location, several buildings had not yet obtained permits.

"We have looked at the field, there are several buildings that do not yet have permits. Then we ask that the documents be submitted later, which ones have and which have not been licensed," he said.

He emphasized that if the permitting stage has not been carried out, the agency can stop operations and even demolish buildings that do not have a permit after being given a warning.

Head of Supervision of the Bandar Lampung Environmental Service, Denis, added that an EIA permit specifically for B3 waste must be completed immediately.

"We are not cornering the company, this is an Amdal permit and there is no permit for land expansion yet. Please take care of it according to the applicable regulations. And we have issued a written warning," he explained.

Responding to this, PT Noahtu Shipyard Production Head, Cahyono Rusdianto explained, the reclamation land had existed since the company's inception.

“The reclamation was before we were here, and there has been an expansion from the start. And we haven't got the EIA document from the old management. The matter of warning letters has been reported to the center. Then my building permit has also been reported. Everything has been taken care of by the hard office," he explained.

To note, PT Noahtu Shipyard is a contractor company that often works on national projects in the form of warship construction and cargo ship repair. This company often works on warship-building projects from the Ministry of Defense. (*)

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