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The Cost of Living for the Lampung Hajj Pilgrims has Decreased by IDR 3 Million

Rabu, 24 Mei 2023 - 08.11 WIB

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Kupastuntas.co, Lampung English - The cost of living necessities given to pilgrims in 2023 has decreased. The living cost provided this year is 750 Riyals or around IDR 3 million. Meanwhile in 2022 it will be 1,500 Riyals or around IDR 6 million.

The Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of Lampung Province, Puji Raharjo said, the reduction in costs was one of the government's efforts to cut costs for the pilgrimage trip.

"We want to cut the cost of the pilgrimage, right? Previously, the government suggested the cost of the pilgrimage was almost IDR 100 million. Then after it was minimized and recalculated it was finally reduced, so we tried to reduce living costs," said Puji, Tuesday, May 23, 2023.

Puji revealed that the costs were given to the pilgrims in rupiah and not riyals. This was done as an effort by the government to strengthen the value of the rupiah and be proud of the rupiah.

"We use this rupiah in the context of strengthening the rupiah, we are proud of our own money. In fact, it is even more economical, so pilgrims from here don't have to bring cash but take it from the automated teller machine there, so it's more economical. You can also use rupiah there," he explained .

Puji appealed to the pilgrims not to bring too much pocket money. Because the consumption of the congregation while in the holy land has been borne by the government.

"All service and consumption facilities while the congregation is there have been borne by the government. So the pilgrims do not need to think about lunch or dinner. During 24 hours, 3 meals have been covered. So 100 percent has been borne by the government," he explained.

A pilgrim from North Lampung, Asmawi, said he brought extra pocket money that would be used to meet the necessities of life that were not covered by the government.

"I got information from a friend that his pocket money has decreased. So bring extra money from yourself for fear that there will be an urgent need. So it's better to be on guard," he said.

Asnawi revealed, as long as he is in the holy land he will not spend excessively, and chooses to focus on participating in all the series of pilgrimages.

"There also don't want to spend more, let alone eat everything is covered. Most later, just buy souvenirs for the family who are at home," he said.

Meanwhile, the Lampung Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Helmy Santika guaranteed the safety of the people of Lampung Province during the pilgrimage.

Helmy said that security for pilgrims from Lampung would be carried out optimally.

"God willing, we will serve them well, especially this year 50 percent of the pilgrims are elderly, which of course needs to be given more attention," he said.

Chairman of the Lampung Indonesian Council of Ulama, Moh. Mukri hopes that all parties can work together to ensure the safety and comfort of pilgrims who will depart for the holy land.

"Maybe this year's Hajj is quite difficult because 50 percent of our pilgrims are elderly, so they must receive special attention. Don't wait until later because of age and so on, the congregation becomes tired and exhausted," he said.

According to Mukri, the age of the pilgrims, who are mostly elderly, is very vulnerable because the conditions in Saudi Arabia are very hot. "All parties must synergize so that this year's pilgrimage can run according to mutual expectations," he added.

For information, 385 pilgrims from the first flight group (kloter) from Lampung Province arrived at the Hajj Dormitory in Rajabasa Raya, Bandar Lampung, Tuesday 23 May 2023 morning.

The congregation was immediately directed to the Madinatul Hujjaz building to submit a boarding call letter to carry out a health check, distribute bracelets, distribute passports, airplane tickets and living costs.

Furthermore, pilgrims from West Lampung will enter the Hajj Dormitory on May 25 2023, Central Lampung May 26 2023, Bandar Lampung May 27 2023, East Lampung May 28 2023, Tanggamus May 29 2023, Central Lampung May 30 2023, and Bandar Lampung June 1 2023. (*)

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