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A total of 7,141 Hajj Candidates in Lampung Have Paid Travel Expenses

Senin, 22 Mei 2023 - 08.11 WIB

Photo: Illustration.

Kupastuntas.co, Lampung English - A total of 7,141 prospective pilgrims from Lampung Province have paid off the payment of Hajj Travel Expenses after being extended up to three times.

The Head of the Hajj and Umrah Pilgrimage Organizing Division of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of Lampung Province, Ansori F Citra said, with 7,141 pilgrims who have paid their Hajj Travel Expenses, the departure quota for Lampung Province has been fulfilled.

"Until the last day of payment, it was recorded that there were 7,141 pilgrims who had paid the Hajj Travel Expenses. God willing, this is more than the quota set for Lampung," he said, Sunday 21 May 2023.

He explained, during the 2023 Hajj season, the total number of regular pilgrims for Lampung Province was 8,735 people consisting of 6,972 non-reserve pilgrims and 1,763 reserve pilgrims.

Currently, his party is conducting a search to see if there are prospective pilgrims from Lampung who have withdrawn by withdrawing the registration fee.

Ansori revealed that the first group of pilgrims flying from North Lampung Regency will enter the Rajabasa Hajj Dormitory on May 23, 2023.

Followed by pilgrims from West Lampung, Central Lampung and Bandar Lampung regencies. "For the rest we are preparing," he explained.

Head of the Lampung Provincial Government's People's Welfare Bureau, Ria Andari, explained that as many as 359 pilgrims from Lampung Province who will depart for the holy land this year are in the elderly category aged 84 to 96 years.

"There were 359 pilgrims belonging to the elderly category aged 84 to 96 years. Then there were around 3,000 pilgrims aged 65 and over," he said.

He said, to serve the elderly pilgrims, 90 flight attendants had been prepared, and 44 regional haj officers.

"This year's regional haj officers are also selected by young people because this will serve quite a lot of elderly pilgrims. In accordance with the directive that this year's haj is an elderly-friendly haj," he said.

Ria continued, the mode of transportation used to transport pilgrims from the Rajabasa Hajj Dormitory to Radin Inten Airport is the Damri Bus. Meanwhile, from Radin Inten Airport to Soekarno-Hatta Airport use the Garuda Indonesia airline.

"Our airline uses Garuda Indonesia, where for regional transit fees from the district it is IDR 3,828,734 and the province adds IDR 1,276,245. So the total is IDR 5,104,979 per pilgrim," he explained.

Executive General Manager of Radin Inten II Airport, Untung Basuki, explained that his party had made preparations to serve pilgrims from Lampung.

He said, in serving this year's Hajj embarkation flights, his party had prepared 107 Airport Operation personnel and 30 Maintenance personnel.

"We will provide the best service to all pilgrims. Where Hajj flights at Radin Inten II Airport are supported by airside facilities including a runway with a length of 2,770 meters for narrow body aircraft operations," he said. (*)