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8 Years On Wanted List, Robber Shoots Head Of Vegetable Seller to Death in Central Lampung Shot by Police

Senin, 22 Mei 2023 - 17.16 WIB

The perpetrator was arrested. Photo: Special

Kupastuntas.co, Central Lampung - Eight years on the Wanted List, the 2015 perpetrators of theft with violence or robbery in Kali Busuk East Cross Road (Jalintim) Terbanggi Besar, Central Lampung Regency were paralyzed by Tekab 308 Precision Central Lampung Police on Sunday, May 21 2023.

Central Lampung Police Head of Criminal Investigation Unit, AKP Edi Qorinas representing the Central Lampung Police Chief, AKBP Doffie Fahlevi Sanjaya said that his party was forced to reward the suspect NS (32), a resident of South Abung, North Lampung, with hot lead on his leg for trying to resist the officers when he was about to be arrested.

The suspect NS, who is also a recidivist in the Curas 365 case, was the perpetrator of the crime that occurred on the East Cross road, on the Sungai Bakargi Besar bridge to be precise, with 4 of his colleagues.

"At that time the victim was driving a car loaded with vegetables, when he arrived at the East Causeway of Kampung Terbanggi Besar, suddenly the vehicle used by the victim was pushed over by the perpetrators using a gold Toyota Avanza," he explained.

Then when he entered the car, the victim was immediately shot by the perpetrator in the head causing the victim to die at the scene of the crime. Meanwhile, the pick-up truck loaded with vegetables fell into the abyss.

"The perpetrators immediately ran away leaving the victims dead," said AKP Edi Qorinas.

At the time of carrying out the action, NS was accompanied by 4 of his colleagues, two of whom had already served time while 2 others were on the wanted list.

"In particular, the suspect NS is the perpetrator who shot the victim in the head to death at the TKP," he said.

Since then, the perpetrators have become the most wanted criminals by the police, 2 perpetrators have been arrested, while NS and 2 people have managed to escape

The last time the officers received news was that NS was at his house, not wanting to waste time. The Tekab 308 Precision Team from the Lamteng Police hunted down the recidivist who shot the LAMIDI vegetable trader from West Tulangbawang Regency to death at the scene.

"Currently the perpetrator is being held at the Lamteng Police Headquarters for further development. While 2 of his colleagues are being hunted by officers, "he said.

The NS perpetrator was charged under Article 365 of the Criminal Code with a threat of 12 years up to life. (*)

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