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Residents of Sukabumi Bandar Lampung Hold Second Action Against PT CMI Tower Existence

Senin, 15 Mei 2023 - 19.13 WIB

The atmosphere of the hearing was between the people of Sukabumi, Bandar Lampung, together with the City Government and the Regional People's Representative Council. Photo: Kupastuntas.co

Kupastuntas.co, Bandar Lampung - Residents of Sukabumi District, Bandar Lampung, together with the Indonesian Islamic Student Movement (PMII), Commissariat Raden Intan, again carried out a further demonstration in front of the Bandar Lampung City Government (Pemkot) office, Monday (15/5/2023).

This is a follow-up action from last Monday (3/4/2023). Where the residents demanded compensation because they were affected by the presence of telecommunication towers belonging to the Indonesian Centratama Menara Company (PT CMI).

In today's action, they again demanded that the Mayor of Bandar Lampung, Eva Dwiana, revoke the operating license for the telecommunications tower owned by PT CMI in Gang Mawar, Sukabumi District, which they considered dangerous to local residents.

However, in their action this time, the municipal government of Bandar Lampung did not meet them. So that the mass of the action moved to the local Regional People's Representative Council (DPRD) office.

PMII Chairman Raden Intan Sapriansyah also threatened to carry out a massive action if their actions were ignored.

"We will continue to carry out massive actions at the Mayor's Office of Bandar Lampung every day. Because the Mayor of Bandar Lampung has had an affair with the company and is not in favor of the people," said Sapriansyah.

According to him, the Mayor of Bandar Lampung only comes to the people when there is a need or for his benefit.

So he also promised to accommodate residents so that in the future they would not elect leaders who are not in favor of the people anymore.

"Because when people need it and people's safety is threatened, they forget about their citizens," he said.

In front of the DPRD office they were met by the Chairman of Commission I DPRD City of Bandar Lampung, Sidik Efendi and friends.

Sidik Efendi promised to recommend the City Government of Bandar Lampung to form an independent team to test the feasibility of operating a telecommunications tower owned by CMI.

"We will resolve this issue as soon as possible. So we will hold another hearing next Monday," said Sidik.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Cybersecurity Division of the Bandar Lampung City Communication and Informatics Service, Nur Sari, said that his party had summoned PT CMI on April 11.

From the summons, he said, it was agreed that CMI would conduct a due diligence on this Monday.

"The due diligence test by PT CMI was only this Monday, but it turns out that the residents have demonstrated again. Earlier we wanted to meet the demonstrators but they have already gone to the council," he said.

Therefore, his party also came to the Council and from there the decision was made to wait for the due diligence earlier.

"The company will be given 2 weeks to find out the results of the due diligence from an official institution," he said. (*)