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Officials of the Transportation Service Office of West Tulangbawang Regency, Lampung Trapped in Drug Cases

Senin, 15 Mei 2023 - 08.06 WIB

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Kupastuntas.co, Bandar Lampung - The Lampung Province National Anti-Narcotics Movement has urged officials from the West Tulangbawang Regency Transportation Service, RD, to be fired as civil servants if the urine test results prove positive for drug use.

Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council of the National Anti-Narcotics Movement for Lampung Province, Tony Eka Candra said, as a civil servant there are binding rules if involved as a narcotics user or addict, namely Law Number 5 of 2014 concerning Civil Servants and Government Regulation Number 53 of 2010 concerning Civil Servant Discipline.

"If we refer to the two laws, civil servants who use drugs are a serious violation. Sanctions can be reduced in rank, removed from office, and can even be dismissed as civil servants," said Tony. Saturday, May 13, 2023.

Tony said that the steps taken by the Lampung Regional Police were right to carry out an assessment of the officials from the West Tulangbawang Regency Transportation Service who were positive for using the methamphetamine type of narcotics.

"Yes, it should be like that, so the name of an addict or narcotics user is rehabilitated through an assessment. In the law, users or addicts must be rehabilitated, not detained because there is no point in punishing addicts or narcotics users. Actually, rehabilitation is also a punishment," he explained.

The Lampung Province National Narcotics Agency acknowledged that it had received a request for an assessment request from the Lampung Police Narcotics Investigation Directorate regarding the arrest of two Tubaba civil servants.

Meanwhile, the National Narcotics Agency for Lampung Province received requests for assessments for the two civil servants, namely RD and FR, who were arrested by the Lampung Police Directorate of Narcotics on Thursday, May 11, 2023. Both were suspected of being involved in the abuse of methamphetamine-type narcotics with a positive urine test.

"Yes, we have received requests for requests for assessment examinations from the Police, namely the Lampung Regional Police and the Central Lampung Police and the West Tulangbawang Police," said Acting Head of the National Narcotics Agency for Lampung Province, Kombes Pol Iksan, when contacted. Saturday, May 13, 2023.

Iksan explained that his party received four names from police investigators. "There are four people, from the Lampung Police, Central Lampung Police and West Tulang Bawang Police," he said.

However, his party did not yet know the results of the assessment because there was no report from the TAT team. "I have activities in Jakarta. On Monday I will ask the TAT team what the results are," he said.

Iksan revealed, the purpose of carrying out the assessment was to analyze medical, psychosocial, and recommend someone who was caught or caught red-handed properly or not with the Addiction rehabilitation therapy plan.

"There is no need to bring the victim when the police investigator requests an assessment, but later when it is needed by the TAT team, the investigator must be able to present it," he explained.

He was asked whether before the results of the assessment came out, the victim could be sent home? Iksan explained that this was the authority of the investigator who made the arrest.

"So if the four people were submitted to us, I have not received what the results are like from the TAT team. Is it outpatient rehabilitation or inpatient rehabilitation," he added.

Previously, it was reported that an official at the West Tulangbawang Transportation Agency, RD, was secured by officers from the Lampung Police Narcotics Investigation Directorate. However, not long after that he was released, and only subject to mandatory reporting.

RD was arrested on suspicion of using crystal methamphetamine. No evidence was found on him, but based on the results of a urine test it was positive for using drugs.

The Director of Narcotics Research (Dirresnarkoba) of the Lampung Regional Police, Kombes Pol Erlin Tangjaya, when contacted, confirmed the arrest of the West Tulangbawang Dishub official. "That's right, there was (RD's arrest)," said Erlin.

Erlin said that the results of the arrest did not find any evidence of drugs, but only used goods.

"There is no evidence of drugs, only used residue and after checking his urine, he is positive for using drugs," he explained.

Asked whether the officials had been released, Erlin said that those concerned were only subject to mandatory reporting.

"Currently I want to be assessed at the Lampung Province National Narcotics Agency because there is no evidence. It has not been released until it is actively assessed and required to report. I will ask the Head of Sub-Directorate 2 later," he said.

Kasubdit 2 of the Lampung Police Directorate of Narcotics AKBP Sastra Budi said RD was secured at his home in Menggala, Tulang Bawang, last Wednesday (7/3).

Sastra Budi revealed that RD was undergoing an assessment at the Lampung Province National Narcotics Agency and was required to report.

"Yes, during an assessment, after checking and checking the users or users (RD), we will then carry out an assessment. Yesterday it was secured, after that it is mandatory to report. We have limitations as well as securing people. Indeed, we can't hold it, but for six days it is in Lampung Regional Police (secured)," he explained.

Even though he was not detained, his party is still monitoring RD's whereabouts. "The results of the assessment have not yet, we are still monitoring because it is still an assessment, we just have to wait for the results," he explained.

Asked how the legal process would proceed, he explained that this depended on the recommendations from the Lampung Province National Narcotics Agency.

"Later we will see the results of the recommendations, if the user is rehabilitated because the user or users are obliged to be rehabilitated. But if they are involved in the network, they will be criminally prosecuted," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the West Tulangbawang Transportation Service, Zulfikar, when contacted, admitted that he did not know about the case. However, he said, RD had already entered the office.

"The person concerned (RD) has entered the office. I don't really understand what actually happened," Zulfikar said via WhatsApp message. (*)

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