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Provincial National Narcotics Agency Admits Accepting Request for Examination of 2 West Tulangbawang Civil Servant 'Meth' from Lampung Police

Minggu, 14 Mei 2023 - 14.20 WIB

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Kupastuntas.co, Bandar Lampung - The National Narcotics Agency of Lampung Province acknowledged that it had received a request for an assessment examination (a comprehensive assessment process to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the decision results) from the Directorate of Narcotics Investigation of the Lampung Police, regarding the arrest of two West Tulangbawang civil servants.

The assessment request was received by the Lampung Province National Narcotics Agency on Thursday, 11 May 2023. The two civil servants, namely RD and FR, were arrested by the Lampung Regional Police Directorate of Narcotics on suspicion of misusing methamphetamine-type narcotics with a positive urine test.

"Yes, we have received a request for an assessment request from the Police, namely from the Lampung Police and the Central Lampung Police and the West Tulangbawang Police," said Plh. Head of the National Narcotics Agency for Lampung Province, Kombes Pol Iksan when confirmed. Saturday, May 13, 2023 afternoon.

Iksan explained that his party received four names from police investigators. "There are four people, from the Lampung Police, Central Lampung Police and West Tulang Bawang Police," he said.

However, his party does not yet know what the results of the assessment will be because there has been no report from the TAT team.

"I have activities in Jakarta. On Monday I will ask the TAT team what the results will be," he explained.

Iksan revealed, the purpose of carrying out the assessment activities was to analyze medical, psychosocial, and recommend someone who was caught or caught red-handed, whether it was reasonable or not with the Addiction rehabilitation therapy plan.

Asked whether to submit an assessment of victims of drug abuse they don't have to be brought to the National Narcotics Agency, Iksan explained that it is not necessary if the victim or user/addict is arrested by the Police.

"There is no need to bring the victim when the Police investigator requests an assessment request, but later when the TAT Team requires it, the investigator must be able to present it," he explained.

Regarding before the results of the assessment came out, could the victim be sent home?, Iksan explained again that it was the investigator's authority to make the arrest.

"So if the four people were submitted to us, I have not received what the results are like from the TAT team. Is it outpatient rehabilitation or inpatient rehabilitation," he added.

Separately, the Head of Sub-Directorate 2 of the Lampung Police Directorate of Narcotics, AKBP Sastra Budi, said that his party had not received the results of the assessment of the 2 West Tulangbawang civil servants. "Not yet, still in process," in short. (*)

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