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Lampung Prosecutor's Office Immediately Appoints the Main Actor for Corruption in the KONI Grant Fund

Jumat, 12 Mei 2023 - 08.27 WIB


Kupastuntas.co, Bandar Lampung - The Lampung High Prosecutor's Office (Kejati) Lampung promised to immediately name the main actors or suspects in the case of alleged corruption in the Lampung Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) grant funds in 2020 which caused losses to the state of IDR 2.5 billion.

It is estimated that the number of suspects or main actors who will be prosecuted by law is more than one person. The Lampung Attorney General's Office for Special Crimes (Aspidsus), Hutamrin, said that currently the investigation team is still reviewing the corruption case file for KONI Lampung grants.

"We are currently studying the KONI case, and as soon as possible we will convey the results of the study from the investigation team which are still being studied," said Hutamrin, Thursday (11/5/2023).

According to Hutamrin, it's just a matter of waiting for the game date to ensnare the main actors behind the alleged corruption in KONI Lampung grant funds.

"I make sure that the case that is being handled by the Lampung Attorney General's Office will continue (not stagnate). Wait for the game date, we will still run it. There are already rules, we will immediately convey that nothing is being covered up," he said.

He said the return of state losses by the Lampung KONI management was a collegiate and not individual good intention. However, the legal process will continue.

He explained, his party could not arbitrarily determine the suspect because corruption must be based on strong evidence.

The Coordinator of the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Society (MAKI), Boyamin Saiman, said he was ready to submit a pretrial if the Lampung Attorney stopped handling corruption cases in the KONI Lampung grant funds.

"If the Attorney General's Office in Lampung stops the investigation into the corruption case of KONI Lampung grant funds, then we are ready to challenge the pretrial," said Boyamin.

Boyamin urged the Lampung Prosecutor's Office to immediately name a suspect if at least two sufficient pieces of evidence have been found. Meanwhile, Chairman of the Lampung Corruption Watch (LCW), Juendi Leksa Utama also urged the Lampung Attorney General's Office to immediately determine whether there would be a suspect determination or a corruption case involving the KONI Lampung grant funds.

"Because the determination of the suspect or the termination of the investigation has its own legal consequences. And the investigator's decision will later have the potential to be open to the suspect or the public to carry out a review of the investigator's decision to court," he said.

According to him, whatever decision the investigator makes, he must be accountable to the public with strong legal arguments.

"We respect the law enforcement process carried out by investigators for the handling of this case on the grounds that investigators are currently exploring their mensrea in that incident," he concluded. (*)

This news was published in the Kupas Tuntas daily newspaper edition of Friday 12 May 2023 with the title "Prosecutor's Office Immediately Appoints the Main Actor for Corruption in the KONI Grant Fund"