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Fuel Oil Transport Truck Overturns in Kotaagung Tanggamus, Driver Dies

Jumat, 12 Mei 2023 - 15.11 WIB

A fuel-carrying car was seen overturned in Jalinbar Tanggamus. Photo: Kupastuntas.co

Kupastuntas.co, Tanggamus - A fuel transport truck with police number BE 9501 BF experienced a single traffic accident (Out Of Control) on Jalan Lintas Barat Teba Bunuk Village, Kota Agung Barat District, Tanggamus Regency, Friday 12 May 2023.

Due to this incident, the Tanggamus Resort Police deployed joint personnel to secure the lane because the bodies of the transverse cars closed the entire road.

The evacuation was quite dramatic, because the car overturned with the steering wheel positioned at the bottom with the driver being squeezed because his head was protruding from the glass, so the team had to work hard to get the driver out first.

The Head of Resort Police (Kapolres) Tanggamus AKBP Siswara Hadi Chandra, via the Head of Binops Sat Then Iptu Tjasudin revealed that the single accident occurred at 05.00 in the morning.

"There was an accident with a tanker truck loaded with diesel from Bandar Lampung heading to Bengkulu. While at Jalinbar, Teba Bunuk Village did not have enough strength to climb, so it backed up and skidded to the left of the road," said Iptu Tjasudin

He continued, the temporary suspicion that the cause of the vehicle not rising was because the driver was using 5th gear when incline so the truck backed up.

"The truck is fully loaded, so when it climbs in gear it doesn't have enough strength to climb so it goes backwards and overturns," he said.

According to Iptu Tjasudin, the car was later driven by a driver named Agus Budi Laksono (49), a resident of Kemiling, Bandar Lampung and his assistant. After the incident, the driver died on the spot while the kenek was safe.

"For the driver who died on the spot, his grandmother is in a safe condition," he explained.

Iptu Tjasudin emphasized that after the evacuation, the vehicles that were originally crossing the road have been moved aside so that the traffic flow can be opened.

"For now, the road is open from both Bandar Lampung and vice versa," he emphasized.

On that occasion, he thanked all the teams involved in the evacuation, including the TNI, Polri, Transportation Agency, Firefighters and the community and health authorities who worked hand in hand to work together so that the driver could be removed and the car moved.

"Of course we, the Tanggamus Regional Police, would like to thank all those involved, so that Jalinbar Tanggamus is open again," he said. (*)