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Lampung Language Has Vulnerable Status, Provincial Government Makes This Breakthrough

Kamis, 11 Mei 2023 - 19.13 WIB

Head of Language and Literature Development Center, Muh. Abdul Khak, who was accompanied by the Head of the Lampung Provincial Language Office, Desi Ari Presasanti, during a partner coordination meeting, at Novotel Lampung. Thursday, 11 May 2023. Photo: Sri/Kupastuntas.co

Kupastuntas.co, Bandar Lampung - Based on research conducted by the Language Agency, the Lampung language is currently in a vulnerable condition. Therefore, the Provincial Government of Lampung took a breakthrough step through a regional language revitalization program, this is a solution so that the Lampung language is not endangered.

The Head of the Lampung Province Language Office, Desi Ari Presasanti said, Lampung language is in this vulnerable condition, meaning that there are still speakers but the number is very limited and in a very limited area.

"For example, only within the family or in small groups. So that we are no longer vulnerable, we are trying to revitalize this regional language," said Desi, during a coordination meeting of work partners, at Novotel Lampung. Thursday, 11 May 2023.

Therefore, he explained, the revitalization of regional languages is an important step in efforts to protect language and literature.

This effort was made as a way to revive the desire and interest of speakers of local languages to use their language, especially among the younger generation.

"So that young speakers can become active speakers of the local language and have the will to learn the local language with joy, through the media they like," he said.

Desti also said that through the revitalization of the Lampung language, 30 experts were involved in developing the learning model.

His party itself will bring or offer 4 learning models for SD and 4 for SMP. Among them, there is reading and writing poetry, then reading writing short stories, then reading and writing letters, speeches, storytelling and Stand Up Comedy.

"This learning model will later be given at the master teacher training event on May 29. God willing, this will be done by inviting representatives of elementary and junior high school teachers from 15 regencies and cities in Lampung Province," he said.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Lampung, Arinal Djunaidi in his remarks said that the revitalization of this regional language is important because it is a wealth owned by the Indonesian people.

Indonesia itself has 718 languages. Of these languages, there are only 12 local scripts, including Lampung. So Arinal said, Lampung language and script are important to be preserved and developed.

"Local content of the Lampung language must also be taught at every level of school. To get used to the Lampung language in everyday life, especially children as the nation's future," he said.

Don't make it clear to Arinal, Lampung language is merely normative.

"However, the delivery of this language must also be ethical," he continued.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Language and Literature Development Center, Muh. Abdul Khak said that in the past, languages that would become extinct were being revitalized, but currently languages with many speakers are also being revitalized.

This is because the speakers experienced a significant decrease. So this needs to be revitalized.

"This revitalization learning model also requires the commitment of all parties, especially the government, to continue to preserve regional languages," he said.

Apart from that, ethics in language is also important, as what Governor Arinal Djunaidi alluded to.

Especially in this era of social media. Where indeed it should be that when speaking the concept of good language, we must consider who we are talking to, who the audience is, who the people who are called are who.

"Well, I think it's true that ethics is part of the concept of good speech or language," he explained.

"So I think one of the best ways to use social media is to consider whose language it will be consumed by, because that's important," he added.

He added that the revitalization of this language will be realized soon, because the module itself has been formed.

After that, the training of master teachers will be distributed to their respective regions.

"The target is that this year it should be implemented, because at the end of the year there will be a provincial level festival," he said. (*)

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