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KPK: Reihana Has 6 Accounts, Reported Only One, Was Considered Dishonest in Reporting Bank Accounts

Kamis, 11 Mei 2023 - 08.21 WIB

The Head of the Lampung Health Service (Kadinkes), Reihana Was Considered Dishonest abour her wealth. Photo: Special

Kupastuntas.co, Bandar Lampung - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) continues to trace the assets of the Head of the Lampung Indonesia Health Service (Kadinkes), Reihana. Most recently, the KPK found six bank accounts belonging to Reihana, but only one was reported in the State Official's Wealth Report (LHKPN).

KPK Deputy for Prevention and Monitoring, Pahala Nainggolan said the KPK saw that Reihana was dishonest in reporting bank account ownership.

"There were six (bank accounts). Only one was reported. I was so busy asking, this had been (clarified) in 2021. So what were the results? Nothing. Only then did we find out why the five banks were not reported. Now they are not being reported anymore," said Pahala Nainggolan at the KPK ACLC building, South Jakarta, Wednesday (10/5/23).

Pahala explained that Reihana had been summoned to clarify her wealth in 2021. At that time, Reihana's clarification revolved around her assets which were reported in the LHKPN.

Two years later, Reihana underwent another LHKPN clarification. Pahala said that Reihana had made no improvements regarding the reporting of her wealth data.

"It's not inappropriate but it's not repaired and now because it's viral it's hit again. That's why we're even more serious now," he said.

Pahala revealed that Reihana's assets were considered odd. This is because Reihana's assets were only recorded at IDR 2 billion, even though she had served as Kadinkes Lampung for 14 years.

The KPK considers that the wealth figure is not in line with the amount of income that Reihana should have received from her position so far.

"It's small for 14 years as a service (head) when her wealth is only IDR2 billion. That's really it," he said. Pahala values Reihana's wealth more than that.

Pahala admitted that the KPK did not question Reihana's excuse. According to him, the KPK focused on Reihana's wealth which was considered not in accordance with the profile and position she held.

"If the responsibility remains. Who fills in who is not important and is also wrong. But the result is that when we ask, we get information why your bank is not filled in, 'oh that's my staff who filled in'. Why don't you have additional assets? Even though if you look at it from the receipt and expenditure, right, 'oh that's my staff who fill it'," explained Pahala.

"So if asked by my staff, my staff. So it's not a matter of who fills in but She is released from responsibility," continued Pahala.

Previously it was reported that the KPK had examined the Head of the Lampung Provincial Health Office, Reihana, for more than 3.5 hours, last Monday (8/5/23). The examination focuses on documents belonging to Reihana which have been reported in the State Officials Wealth Report (LHKPN).

Reihana arrived at the KPK Building with a man. She wore a white shirt and black skirt. Her outfit was combined with a white headscarf with her distinctive style rising up at the front end.

Reihana arrived at the KPK building carrying a white bag with a flower pattern. There were blue and red markings on the bag.

There was 'Charles & Keith' written on the bag Reihana was wearing. Traced on the official website of Charles & Keith, but the result is no similar bag.

The search results show that a bag with a similar pattern is identical to a Turkish brand called Ipekyol. On the official website, the bag is priced at USD 102.81 or around IDR 1.5 million.

At around 12.40 PM, Reihana left the examination room at the KPK building. Reihana didn't say much about her clarification. He handed it over to the KPK.

"Just clarify it. Please ask the KPK," Reihana said while rushing to leave the KPK building. He then got into his silver Kijang Innova car

When contacted, KPK Spokesperson for Prevention, Ipi Maryati Kuding, said Reihana was being questioned regarding the clarification of the LHKPN. "It's true, the KPK invited the Head of the Lampung Provincial Health Office regarding the request for clarification of the LHKPN. We appreciate that the person concerned has fulfilled the invitation by attending in person at around 08.00 AM," said Ipi, Monday (8/5/23).

According to Ipi, as mandated by law, the success of eradicating corruption cannot be separated from the involvement of all elements of society.

"We appreciate the participation and support of the community in efforts to eradicate corruption by providing information to the KPK," She said.

Ipi revealed that the KPK examined a number of documents belonging to Reihana, including certificates, proof of business ownership, copies of immovable property documents, copies of transportation equipment documents, copies of cash/cash equivalent documents, copies of debt/receivable documents and other documents.

"For the smooth running of the clarification process, we asked Reihana to prepare the required supporting documents," She said.

The KPK summoned Reihana regarding her LHKPN which was deemed inappropriate. This happened after Reihana was considered flexing or often showing off her gayness a life of luxury on social media.

On her Instagram, Reihana was seen wearing a luxury Hermes Birkin 40 Togo Rouge Tomate bag whose price is estimated at IDR 200 million.

Shortly after Reihana's photos went viral on the Twitter account @partaisocmed, Reihana's Instagram account was private.

Based on data on the LHKPN website, Reihana last reported her assets to the Corruption Eradication Commission on December 31, 2022. The value of her assets was recorded at IDR 2,715,000,000

Reihana's wealth consists of land and buildings with a total value of Rp. 1,958,250,000 including land and buildings with an area of 498 m2/400 m2 located in Bandar Lampung which are self-generated in the amount of Rp. .220,250,000, a land area of 400 m2 is located in South Lampung which is self-produced valued at IDR 120,000,000, and a land area of 419 m2 is located in South Lampung which is self-produced valued at IDR 120,000,000.

Reihana's other assets include transportation equipment and machinery totaling Rp. 450 million consisting of a Nissan Elgrand Minibus car produced in 2007 which was a gift worth Rp. 200 million, a Toyota Minibus car produced in 2010 which was self-generated Rp. 150 million, and a Mercedes Benz V230/Minibus car produced in 2002 is Rp. 100 million in revenue. Reihana also has other movable assets worth IDR 6,750,000, as well as cash and cash equivalents worth IDR 300 million. (*)

This news was published in the Kupas Tuntas daily newspaper edition on Thursday 11 May 2023 with the title "Pahala: Reihana Has 6 Accounts, Only One Reported"