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Bandar Lampung Zero Cases of Livestock Lumpy Skin Disease

Kamis, 11 Mei 2023 - 17.47 WIB

Photo: Illustration

Kupastuntas.co, Lampung English - The Agricultural Service of Bandar Lampung City said that in their area they have not found any cases of cows with Lumpy Skin Disease or lumps on the skin.

It is known that this deadly disease in livestock has spread to 10 regencies/cities, with a total of 273 cows in Lampung Province having contracted Lumpy Skin Disease.

"To this day, thank God we don't have any. So, God willing, Bandar Lampung is safe for the time being, yes, hopefully in the future too," said the Head of the Bandar Lampung City Agriculture Service, Agustini, Thursday 11 May 2023.

This was said by Agustini, because as soon as Lampung was announced that there was Lumpy Skin Disease, his party immediately carried out tightening measures.

"We are strict, first we cooperate with the province. So internally we spray disinfectant on the cages, besides that we also give vitamins to the cows," he said.

He explained, the total cattle population in Bandar Lampung is around 3 thousands, both individually and in farmer groups.

But said Herliawati, her party is not only the breeders. Prevention of this disease is also at the level of meat traders in the market.

"Likewise for cattle traders, we check every day and tell them not to buy sick cows. But most of the cattle sold in this market are taken from slaughterhouses, the average export. So God willing, it will be the same," said Herliawati.

Meanwhile, a beef seller at the Smep Market, Hassan revealed, the Animal Husbandry Service has issued an advisory that there is Lumpy Skin Disease in cattle.

"But we take this beef directly from the PT and it is certified, so God willing, it will be safe," said Hassan.

He admitted that the presence of this dangerous disease caused his sales to decline slightly.

"Yes, I hope that Lumpy Skin Disease will pass quickly, and consumers don't need to worry because the meat we sell is guaranteed to be good," he explained.

Meanwhile, the butcher at the Gintung market, Herman Sukma, said that consumers do not need to worry about the meat they are buying and selling.

"Because the meat we sell is directly from the PT and has been certified. Currently the price of meat reaches Rp. 130,000 per kilogram," said Herman. (*)