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16 Cows in West Lampung Indonesia Infected with LSD, District Government Immediately Vaccinated

Rabu, 10 Mei 2023 - 14.13 WIB

Characteristics of cows affected by LSD. Photo: Special

Kupastuntas.co, West Lampung - The West Lampung Regency Government through the Plantation and Livestock Service (Disbunnak) noted that there were 16 cows confirmed to be infected with Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) which are spread in Sukau District and Air Hitam District.

Head of the West Lampung District Plantation and Plantation Agency, Yudha Setiawan, said that his party was aware of indications of the spread of LSD in the local district, starting from the findings of symptoms that occurred in livestock belonging to Pagar Dewa residents.

"Initially we received reports from the public last April regarding the presence of livestock from residents who had symptoms of LSD, then we immediately dispatched a team to check directly to take samples so that lab tests were carried out at the Lampung Veterinary Center," he said, Wednesday (10/05/2023).

Yudha added that the sample was then subjected to a lab test on April 14-18 2023, the result was that the cattle belonging to Pekon Pagar Dewa, Sukau District, were positively exposed to LSD. Initially there were only 9 livestock residents who were exposed then added 3 cows.

"Then we received another report of the same symptoms in Pekon Gunung Terang, Air Hitam District and the results were 4 positive individuals, bringing the total in Sukau District to 12 and Air Hitam District 4 confirmed LSD," he added.

Currently, said Yudha, his party has taken initial steps to prevent the further spread of LSD transmission in Bumi Beguai Jejama Sai Betik, including by treating all confirmed livestock and spraying the cages with disinfectant.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Livestock and Animal Health Division, Mochamat Budiarto, through the Supervisor of Agricultural Quality, Anton Supriyanto, added that in the future his party will also vaccinate a number of livestock in West Lampung Regency.

However, currently his party is still waiting for vaccine distribution from the Provincial Government to be realized which is expected to begin distribution at the end of May 20223, his party is still continuing to map the number of livestock to be vaccinated.

"So we will do a previous mapping of the number of livestock in West Lampung to be adjusted to the ability of field workers and the allocation of vaccines that will be received so that when the vaccines have been distributed there will not be excesses," he said.

He also added that the confirmed livestock meat can still be consumed and is safe for consumption, the important thing is to process it properly, it's just that this outbreak has the potential to cause economic losses for the community, especially for breeders in West Lampung.

"Because the spread can be through the air and direct contact, but our area is not a livestock area, so the spread is not as fast as in other districts, but we can still anticipate it with vaccinations and the efforts we have made," he concluded. (*)