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Police Arrest Four Cable Thieves Worth IDR 350 Million on the West Coast of Lampung

Minggu, 19 Maret 2023 - 16.06 WIB

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Kupastuntas.co, Lampung English - Members of the West Coast Police arrested four perpetrators of the theft of electricity cables belonging to the State Electricity Company worth IDR 350 million, on Saturday 18 March 2023.

The four perpetrators include AF 40 years old, a resident of Pasar Mulya, Pasar Krui Village, F 39 years old, a resident of Pasar Kota Krui Village, FH 39 years old, a resident of Pekon Rawas, Pesisir Tengah District and J 42 years old, a resident of Pekon Walur, South Krui District.

The West Coast Police Chief, AKBP Alsyahendra, through the head of the unit, Iptu Riki Nopariansyah said, the incident began on Monday 6 March 2023 around 9.00 PM, when the reporter named Roni 34 years old, was contacted by his colleague Bima who was at the Labuhan Jukung warehouse and informed him that a number of cables in the warehouse have been lost.

"The missing cables include the black NYY brand cable measuring 1 x 150 mm along 320 meters. It has been cut along 10 meters for substation installation. Then the black NYY brand cable, 1 x 70 mm long, 192 meters long has been cut along 8 meters," said Riki, when confirmed, Sunday March 19, 2023.

The cables are planned to be used for the installation of the State Electricity Company's substation. From this incident, PT Eight Cahaya Metro as the owner suffered a loss of IDR 350 million, from which he then reported it to the Pesisir Barat Police Headquarters.

Based on the report, the police then conducted an investigation and collected information in the field. After that, the officer received information about the suspected AF perpetrator and immediately secured the perpetrator at his house.

"The first perpetrator was arrested at his residence on Saturday 18 March 2023. During interrogation, the perpetrator confessed to his actions and admitted to carrying out the action together with FR and FH. Then he sold it to JO's brother. Not long after, officers immediately arrested the other three perpetrators," he said

Based on the results of the initial investigation, the modus operandi of the perpetrators, namely the AF perpetrators, was assigned to enter the warehouse of the State Electricity Company, then prepare the cables to be retrieved by holding them close to the ventilation holes of the warehouse.

Then the AF actor together with the FR actor pulled the cable through the ventilation of the warehouse then the cable was brought to the AF's house. After that, the stolen cable was peeled and the copper was taken. Then the perpetrator with the initials AF sold the stolen goods to JO's brother.

From his confession, AF had stolen the cable several times. It was acknowledged that the first he managed to sell for IDR 300,000, the second for IDR 300,000, the third for IDR 800,000, the fourth for IDR 8,000,000, and the fifth theft resulted in sales of IDR 4,000,000.

From the hands of the perpetrators, the officers managed to secure evidence of one red kater, two lars of cable skin each ten meters long. Currently, the perpetrators and evidence are being taken to the West Coast Police Headquarters.

For their actions, the perpetrators are threatened with being charged under Article 363 concerning theft with weighting that carries a penalty of 7 years in prison. (*)

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