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Commemorating the 59th Anniversary, Lampung's Province of Indonesia Economy Grows Impressively

Jumat, 17 Maret 2023 - 09.34 WIB

Governor of Lampung and Deputy Governor of Lampung, Arinal Djunaidi and Chusnunia Chalim. Photo: Kupastuntas.co

Kupastuntas.co, Bandar Lampung - Entering the age of 59, the economy of Lampung Province has grown impressively. In 2022, Lampung's economy will grow by 4.28 percent, up nearly 100 percent compared to 2021 of 2.77 percent.

Lampung Province turns 59 years old on March 18 2023. The theme that is carried out in this year's Lampung birthday celebration is 'Lampung with Synergy, Lampung with Achievements'. During 2022, Lampung's economy grew positively.

Based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics for Lampung Province, Lampung Province's economy will grow by 4.28 percent in 2022, strengthening compared to 2021 which grew by 2.77 percent.

This economic growth is accompanied by investment realization in 2022 of IDR 9.36 trillion. The Lampung Province Investment and One-Stop Services Office noted that investment realization in 2022 amounted to IDR 9.365 trillion, contributed from Domestic Investment of IDR 5.81 trillion with a total of 2,163 projects. And Foreign Investment of IDR 3.65 trillion with a total of 435 projects.

Investment realization in Bandar Lampung provided the largest contribution of IDR 4.04 trillion, followed by South Lampung IDR 1.26 trillion, Central Lampung IDR 1.06 trillion, North Lampung IDR 772 billion and Way Kanan IDR 522 billion.

For investment realization based on sector, the food industry contributed Rp. 3.53 trillion, followed by warehouse transportation and telecommunications Rp. 1.2 trillion, as well as residential industrial areas and offices of Rp. 530 billion.

Investment realization has an impact on employment during 2022 of 10,405 people consisting of 10,389 Indonesian workers and 16 foreign workers.

The Governor of Lampung, Arinal Djunaidi said, the success of development in Lampung during 2022 is supported by four pillars of development namely the economic pillar, the social pillar, the law and government pillar, and the environment pillar.

Arinal explained that Lampung's increasingly positive economic growth was driven by several factors including the food crop and plantation agriculture sector which continued to grow positively.

"President Joko Widodo appreciated the highest national rice production in Lampung at 22.47 percent through the 2022 Abdi Bhakti Tani award," said Arinal, recently.

Arinal explained, the improvement in the tourism sector was manifested by the ground breaking of Bakauheni Harbor City by the Deputy Minister of State-Owned Enterprises as a national strategic project.

In addition, the decline in the poor population in Lampung also shows a positive trend. The open unemployment rate for 2022 in Lampung has decreased to 4.69 percent, much better than the national average of 6.49 percent.

Lampung's latest achievement is becoming the province with the highest realized regional spending in 2022. The Governor of Lampung, Arinal Djunaidi received the award directly at the 2023 APBD Award event which was held at the Mercure Convention Center Ancol, North Jakarta, Thursday (16/3/23). The award was handed over directly by the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, John Wempi Wetipo.

Lampung Province ranks first in the highest percentage of realization of regional spending for the 2022 fiscal year with an achievement of 97.25 percent.

Arinal said, having won this award could continue to spur and motivate the performance of both OPD within the Lampung Provincial Government and districts/cities in managing regional spending that is effective, efficient, accountable, transparent, and in accordance with applicable regulations.

Meanwhile, Head of BPS Province of Lampung, Endang Retno Sri Subiandini said, the economy of Lampung Province is still dominated by agriculture, forestry and fisheries business fields of 27.90 percent. Followed by the processing industry at 18.55 percent, wholesale-retail trade and car-motorcycle repair by 13.20 percent and construction by 9.75 percent.

"In 2022 the highest cumulative growth will occur in other service business fields of 25.45 percent, transportation and warehousing grow by 20.34 percent, and corporate services grow by 17.49 percent," said Endang.

Deputy Chairperson for OKP at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Lampung, Yuria Putra Tubarad said, at the age of 59, the economic condition of Lampung Province was far more positive than the previous year.

Yuria said that during this 59-year journey, Lampung's economy grew well. "Economic growth in Lampung is supported by toll roads. So that it has contributed to many changes in districts/cities," said Yuria, Thursday (16/3).

Yuria explained, after the Covid-19 pandemic for two years had an impact on regional and national economic growth which slumped. He is grateful, currently Lampung's economic growth is getting more positive.

Lampung University Economic Observer (Unila), Asrian Hendi Caya hopes, at the age of 59 Lampung Province is expected more advanced and people more prosperous.

He suggested that there are things that need to be addressed, including economic transformation, which began with agricultural revitalization. Because, since 2019 economic growth has fallen to only around 1-2 percent.

"Alhamdulillah, now Lampung's economy can grow by more than 4 percent. This is a sign that the economy has recovered after the Covid-19 pandemic," he explained.

According to Asrian, there must be downstream agriculture, especially small-scale in rural areas such as rice and cassava factories. "So processing cassava into tapioca flour can be an added value that will be enjoyed by farmers, and there will be an impact on the availability of animal feed from the waste," he explained.

In addition, continued Asrian, the industrial sector must be strengthened on the basis of processed agricultural products such as rubber, palm oil, cocoa and coffee.

"Because it can open jobs. For this reason, energy support must also be strengthened, both the supply of electricity, fuel, gas and good transportation for mobility," he explained.

Asrian explained, in the field of tourism, Lampung has a number of very potential and complete tourist destinations ranging from mountains, sea, beaches, islands, forests and others.

"All of this needs adequate transportation and accommodation support. With the tourism sector continuing to grow, it will have an impact on increasing people's income such as from traditional crafts, culinary arts and others. This is what can become the potential for economic growth in Lampung," he said. (*)

This news was published in Kupas Tuntas daily newspaper the Friday, March 17, 2023 edition with the title "Lampung's Economy Grows Impressively"