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Hundreds of Overloaded Vehicles Netted in South Lampung Indonesia

Sabtu, 28 Januari 2023 - 09.11 WIB

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Kupastuntas.co, South Lampung - The South Lampung Regency Government through the local Transportation Service, conducted raids on over-dimensional and over-loaded vehicles.

The raid, which was held for three days from Wednesday 25 January 2023 and ended on Friday 27 January 2023, found 144 goods transport vehicles violating.

Head of the South Lampung Transportation Agency, Mulayadi Saleh, said that his party was not alone in taking action against overloaded transport vehicles.

"In this activity, there were joint personnel consisting of the District Transportation Service and then the South Lampung Police Traffic Unit and the Lampung Province Transportation Service as well as the Lampung-Bengkulu Land Transportation Management Office," said Mulyadi when confirmed, Friday 27 January 2023.

Mulyadi detailed, in the three days of the operation, two locations were selected which were considered to be heavily trafficked by transport vehicles.

"For Wednesday and Thursday, we will carry out inspections on the highway near the Pasir Putih tourist attraction, Katibung District. Meanwhile, on Friday, on Jalan Raya Serdang, Tanjung Bintang District," continued the former Head of Tourism Office.

The results were quite astonishing, where on Wednesday or the first day of the raid, 45 transport vehicles were caught that exceeded the load limit and were subject to fines.

For the second day, there were 54 overloaded vehicles which took strict action in the form of fines. On the last day, a total of 45 vehicles were again fined.

"In 3 days, a total of 144 vehicles were given fines by officers from the Traffic Unit of the South Lampung Police," said Mulyadi.

Regarding the next steps after the raids are completed, Mulyadi will convey an appeal to companies that have fleets of freight vehicles.

"We will convey an appeal to transport entrepreneurs, to try and prepare a fleet in accordance with the provisions," said Mulyadi.

Lamsel Police Traffic Unit, Iptu Butar Butar stated, his party provided assistance in taking action against overloaded vehicle violations according to a request from the Department of Transportation.

"The letter went to the office, to accompany the activities of the Transportation Service. To take action against violations outside the authority of the Transportation Service, according to the dimensions of the vehicle submitted by Mr. Mulyadi," said Butar Butar.

Butar Butar said that there were drivers who did not know that their vehicles violated the terms of transportation.

"So, to refute it makes it clear that he was just there. However, after we explained that in accordance with the law he accepted that after being ticketed he immediately left," concluded Butar Butar.

An officer from the Lampung Province Transportation Service, Hidayat stated, positively welcomed the inspection of vehicles carried out by the Lamsel Transportation Service.

"So, I, from the Provincial Transportation Service, appreciate the steps taken by my friends from the Transportation Service and the Lamsel Police in terms of law enforcement for violations of over-dimensional and over-loading vehicles," said Hidayat.

Departing from the raids which were carried out for three days, revealed the fact that the level of compliance of transport vehicles with existing regulations was still weak.

"I have also encountered many, apparently the level of compliance with the technical feasibility testing of our motorized vehicles is very low. This is because we have not made any legal efforts for a long time because of Covid-19, which means that we have been in a vacuum for about 3 years," concluded Hidayat. (*)

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