• Kamis, 23 Maret 2023

Herds of Elephants Come Closer to Residents of Suoh West Lampung Indonesia

Kamis, 26 Januari 2023 - 15.42 WIB

Security officers and residents when herding the elephant herd back into the forest Photo: Special

Kupastuntas.co, West Lampung - Herds of wild elephants in Suoh District, West Lampung Regency, Indonesia still continue to haunt residents, because the herd of large-bodied animals is now approaching residents' settlements, to be precise, in Pangkalan Barat 1 Hamlet, Tugu Ratu Village, Suoh District, Wednesday (25/01/2023) yesterday.

Head of Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (TNBBS) Resort Suoh, Sulki said that the herd of proboscis animals began to approach the settlement around 06:00 yesterday. The herd of elephants was observed approaching settlements after being successfully herded into their natural habitat in the forest area of TNBBS.

"Currently we are still monitoring the movements of the herd of wild elephants so that the herd does not return to settlements. We have also coordinated with security officers and the local community to guard them," he said when confirmed, Thursday (26/01/ 2023).

Sulki said that currently the herd of elephants had been successfully blocked and entered the forest area, but the whereabouts of the elephant herd could not be predicted because the blockade had often been carried out, suddenly the herd of animals with their trunks came back and damaged the residents' plantations.

Meanwhile, the supervisor of the Gajah Suoh Conflict security unit, Sugeng Hari Kinaryo Adi, appealed to residents to increase their vigilance regarding this matter.

Because according to him, the herd of elephants could come at any time to look for food in residents' settlements and plantations.

"We continue to try to urge the public to always be vigilant and careful about this herd of elephants, because this herd of elephants can come at any time, it cannot be predicted, it can come alone uninvited, and could damage residents' facilities and plantations," he said. .

Then, added Sugeng, residents who want to do gardening are also expected to be careful. Because what is known is that the position of the plantations in Suoh and Bandar Negeri Suoh is directly adjacent to the TNBBS, namely jungle, Sugeng and the joint team have also provided an understanding to residents if something bad happens later.

"For example, if the elephants are chasing, we have ordered them to run left and right. This is done so that it is difficult for the elephants to catch up, because if we run straight, it will be easier for the elephants to chase them," he concluded. (*)