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7,953 Voting Committees for All Lampung Indonesia Appointed, General Election Commission Orders Neutrality and Integrity

Selasa, 24 Januari 2023 - 19.12 WIB

Inauguration of members of the Bandar Lampung City Voting Committee, in the UBL Postgraduate building. Tuesday, January 24 2023. Photo: Muhaimin/Kupastuntas.co

Kupastuntas.co, Bandar Lampung - A total of 7,953 voting committees in 15 regencies and cities were officially inaugurated on Tuesday 24 January 2023. These numbers are spread across 2,651 villages or sub-districts in 229 sub-districts throughout Lampung Province.

"So there are a total of 2,651 villages, an increase of 11 villages or sub-districts from the initial 2,640, and these have been sworn in today," said Commissioner of the Lampung General Election Commission, Human and Organizational Resources Sector, Ali Sidik.

Ali asked all the newly appointed Voting Committees to maintain a good name, be neutral, and have integrity.

"Because all political parties and election participants have the same position," he said.

Ali conveyed that in the future each village or kelurahan would be filled by three members of the Voting Committee on duty.

Ali asked all members of the Voting Committee to immediately assist the work of the District Election Committee.

"First, carry out the recruitment process for the Voter Data Updating Committee which will begin on January 26, 2023, then coordinate with the local urban village, in forming a secretariat," he said.

Ali said that the entire Voting Committee that was inaugurated today could assist in the factual verification process of prospective members of the Regional Representatives Council.

Meanwhile, the General Election Commission for the City of Bandar Lampung today inaugurated 378 candidates for members of the Regional Representatives Council spread across 126 urban villages.

"3 people in times 126 sub-districts so there are 378 members, the Voting Committee appointed has been determined during the process of starting the interview test and today they are inaugurated," said Chairman of the General Election Commission for Bandar Lampung City, Dedy Triadi.

Later, the Voting Committees who have been appointed will be immediately asked to hold a plenary after they are appointed.

"We have asked them to directly hold a plenary meeting to form the chairman of the Voting Committee and divide up working groups, so there is a working group for data and outreach, a working group for technical organizers and human resources," he said.

For the first task of the newly inaugurated Voting Committee, Dedy explained, the focus was immediately on recruiting the Voter Data Updating Committee.

According to General Election Commission Regulation number 534 of 2022 concerning technical guidelines for forming ad hoc bodies, the working period of the Voting Committee is only 14 months. (*)