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The Price of Rice in Lampung Indonesia Continues to Skyrocket, the Logistics Agency Distributes 10,000 Tons of Rice to the Market

Jumat, 20 Januari 2023 - 09.05 WIB

Budi (55), a rice seller at the Tugu Market, when he serves his customers. Photo: Kupastuntas.co

Kupastuntas.co, Bandar Lampung - The price of rice in Lampung Province Indonesia continues to skyrocket. The increase in rice reached up to 3 thousand rupiah per kilogram. the Logistics Agency (Bulog) Lampung will distribute 10 thousand tons of rice to the market to reduce prices.

At the Bandar Lampung Tugu Market, rice prices have started to rise since last October 2022. Until now the price increase continues. Budi (55), a rice seller at the Tugu Market, said rice prices have continued to rise since October 2022.

"The price of medium rice was previously 8,500 rupiah per kilogram, now it has increased to 11,500 rupiah per kilogram, or an increase of 3,000 rupiah per kilogram. The price of premium rice has increased from 12,000 rupiah per kilogram to 12,500 rupiah per kilogram," said Budi, Thursday (19/1/23).

Budi said the increase in rice prices had an impact on many people who reduced the amount of rice they bought. "For example, before going up, the purchase was 5 kilograms, now it is reduced to 3 kilograms. If the stock is sufficient, the distributor has already increased, so we will follow suit," he said.

Suryati (41), a basic food seller at the Way Halim Market, Bandar Lampung, said that rice price increases have continued to occur in the last few months.

"The price has increased in the last few months. The price for medium rice was previously 8,500 rupiah per kilogram, now it is 10,000 rupiah to 11,000 rupiah. Premium rice has gone from 10,000 rupiah now to 12,000 rupiah to 13,000 rupiah per kilogram," he explained.

Rosi, a housewife in Bandar Lampung, said that previously the price of SB brand rice for a bag containing 10 kilograms was only 103 thousand rupiah. Now it has risen to 120 thousand rupiah per bag. "The increase is up to 17 thousand rupiah per bag," he said.

Rice price increases also occurred in Pringsewu Regency and Metro City. Susi, a resident of Sukoharjo, said the price of rice has increased by around 1,500-3,000 rupiah per kilogram.

"I bought rice at Sukoharjo Market, it has gone up by around 1,500-3,000 rupiah per kilogram. If normally the price of rice was 10,000 rupiah, now it is 11,500 rupiah to 13,000 rupiah per kilogram," said Susi.

Cici, a resident of Metro City, said that currently the price of premium and medium rice has increased by 1,000 rupiah per kilogram. Initially, the price of premium rice was 11,000 rupiah, now it has increased to 12,000 rupiah per kilogram. The price of medium rice rose from 14,000 rupiah to 15,000 rupiah per kilogram," said Cici.

The Head of the Lampung Province Industry and Trade Office, Elvira Umihani explained, would soon hold a coordination meeting together with the Lampung Regional Police's food task force to find the cause of the rising price of rice.

"We will coordinate with the food task force of the Lampung Regional Police to find out more about where Lampung rice and unhulled rice go. There is a regional regulation that prohibits grain from leaving the area. But in the regional regulation there are no criminal sanctions. So it is not strong enough for law enforcement officials to enforce local regulations," he said.

Elvira said, actually it doesn't matter if rice from Lampung leaves the area. Because Lampung is one of the national food storage areas, and participates in supporting national food security.

"But what we are worried about is that rice from Lampung will leave Indonesia in an illegal form. Or maybe there are parties who are trying to seek personal gain by holding the rice in a warehouse and releasing it during Eid," he said.

Elvira revealed that the Lampung Logistics Agency (Bulog) had poured rice to several partners or Rumah Pangan Kita (RPK) at low prices to the market to control prices. However, this has not had much effect on price reductions.

"We have asked Bulog to increase the volume (amount). Maybe it will be more effective if those who receive it directly are households rather than distributing it to partners," he said.

Bulog Lampung is preparing 10 thousand tons of rice to be distributed to retailers, distributors, agents and partners through the Food Supply and Price Stabilization (SPHP) program.

Head of Bulog Lampung, Etik Yulianti explained, this step was taken as an effort to ensure food prices and supplies, especially rice at the consumer level, were maintained.

"This is done to maintain supply availability and rice price stability at the consumer level, so that people's purchasing power is maintained. In addition to controlling inflation," said Etik, Thursday (19/1/23).

He said that the 10,000 tons of rice that had been prepared would be sold at the highest retail price (HET) of 9,450 rupiah per kilogram. This amount is enough to meet distribution needs until the main harvest later.

He appealed to the public not to worry because his party will continue to maintain rice stocks at affordable prices, even though there are price increases in the market.

"The price increase occurred because it was not yet the main harvest season, so the availability of goods on the market was not much, so there was a slight increase in prices. That is why the operation

Market rationing is going on intensively," he added.

He explained, for the distribution of imported rice, Bulog Lampung was still waiting for directions from the central office. "For imported rice, we are still waiting for directions or permits for distribution or distribution," he concluded.

Previously it was reported, the Lampung Province Food Crops and Horticulture Service had noted that rice production in Lampung in 2022 would experience a surplus of 1,343,215 tons.

Head of the Lampung Province Food Crops and Horticulture Food Security Service, Kusnardi, said the total supply of rice in Lampung in 2022 was 2,195,123 tons. Meanwhile for household needs as much as 764,366 tons, and needs outside the household 87,543 tons. So that there was a surplus of 1,343,215 tons.

Kusnardi said that Lampung Province is still supplying rice for the provinces of Aceh, Bangka Belitung, Jakarta, Banten, Kalimantan Island, and Sulawesi.

"Rice shipments are still being carried out to almost all provinces. Almost to the entire island of Sumatra. Then to the island of Java, such as Jakarta and Banten. Then to the islands of Kalimantan and Sulawesi," said Kusnardi, Thursday (5/1/23).

The area of rice planting land in 2022 in Lampung will reach 616,474 hectares, a decrease of 6.93 percent compared to 2021 which was 662,391 hectares. The harvested area for 2022 will reach 515,938 hectares, an increase of 5.39 percent compared to 2021's 489,573 hectares.

"The area of rice planting land has decreased because many paddy fields are now used as residential areas. Attempts are being made to create new rice fields in East Lampung Regency because there is already the Margatiga Dam there. So that many new irrigation can be used to irrigate the fields," he said.

According to Kusnardi, rice production in Lampung is in the maximum category. Because the amount of rice production continues to increase per hectare every year. A number of farmers have implemented rice planting three times a year, thus boosting rice production. (*)

This news was published in the Kupas Tuntas daily newspaper edition of Friday 20 January 2023 with the title "Rice Prices in Lampung Continue to Skyrocket"